the perfect waffles

Friday, March 17, 2017

As for me, I'm in love with waffles. Always loved them. Every kind of it. Belgian waffles and danish waffles especially with nutella or apple sauce or just some icing sugar. I could eat that eeeerrry day. So yummy. Until today I thought I had the optimal recipe. Way off the mark seriously!! Some time ago I stumbled over the one and only recipe. I'm honestly never going back to the old one. By the way you can substitute the almond milk with your favorite plant milk.

For 8 waffles:

400g spelt flour
100g sugar
1/2 tsp. vanilla
1 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
400ml almond milk
120ml sparkling water
coconut oil for greasing

Combine the dry ingredients and the moist ones separately. Then mix it until the batter is homogeneous. Put it into the fridge for 20 minutes. Grease the waffle iron with the coconut oil and bake the waffles. As a topping I recommend maple syrup. That is so perfect.

If you need me - I'll be eating waffles.


I can hardly wait for summer!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Summer is clearly the best season of the year. Winter has by now taken waay too long. I am soo annoyed by the fucking cold weather. The better weather must seriously hurry otherwise I .... well, then at least I can think warm thoughts. And I can share them with you. Here are 10 dreams of summer.

  • walking barefoot (or at least wearing sandals)

of course. ok, I must admit the bottom of my feet is pretty sensitive - so I usually only leave my sneakers at home when walking  in the meadow or on the beach. oh and how I miss wearing my birkenstocks outside the house!

  • leaving the house without a jacket
oh yes yes yes. above all leaving scarves in the wardrobe until the next winter time. wearing either no cute light jackets like jeans or biker jackets. well, without having to wear a warm coat on top.

  • colorful flowers blooming everywhere
although I do love snowdrop, I want to see aaaaaall of the colorful beauties waiting for summer to step in. these colors are amazing.

  • the smell of summer rain
do you know these days when you're outside all day long and suddenly it starts raining. it stops as abruptly as it began and only the wet and this special scent remains. by the way -  I think the technical term is called "petrichor" (n. the smell of earth after rain)

  • the yummiest summer fruit
as much as I love the classics like banana, apple & pear, I'm desperately craving for variety!! watermelon, strawberry, raspberry, grapes, peach, plum, cherries (from our very own garden),... 

  • mild summer nights
the sun is shining for hours and hours, time flies and: it's still light outside. it makes you wanna stay outside for the whole night and have deep conversations with your besties.

  • ice cream time
especially so excited to try new sorts of ice cream (and ice cream shops)! Most times I'm sticking to the same combination als always: dark chocolate & wild berries.

  • enjoying breakfast, lunch and dinner outside
when eating outside on the balcony or the terrace makes the food even tastier. that's what it feels like at least. it is so cool when it's already warm outside in the morning.

  • barbecues
I mean who doesn't like barbecuing? nothing more to say.

  • amusement park weather
there are so many amusement parks everybody is talking about all the time. and I haven't visited them yet. *note on my bucket list*

Summer please oh please hurry!!


travel bucket list of a city girl

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

You know what? When it comes to traveling, most times you either feel the urge of relaxing the whole day at the beach or you like to explore new cities. That applies at least to me. I so to say haven't seen much of the world yet. My family for example used to book the same apartment in the same city in the same country for years. Certainly I visited some places with friends or in school days but these weren't that many different ones. By now I've assembled a great deal of travel destinations in order to be checked off this list soon. Hopefully. Some are going to be visited after my studies and the others are perfect for semester breaks or even short weekend trips. In today's post I would like to show you the top 5 of my favorite destinations. Alright so here we go.

venice, italy

... is literally the place to be if you ask me. Never been there but always dreamed of it. For an overview about the city I recommend the movie "The Thief Lord" to you which is set in venice. This place has a great attraction to me as I always loved Italy. You must know I already visited several cities there like Rome, Verona and smaller villages at the Lake Garda. My knowledge of Italian must also be a reason for sure.

new york city, u.s.

Since there are so many of my favorite tv shows taking place in New York City it is not so surprising that one of my biggest dreams is to visit this city one day. Also - it's practically obligatory for city lovers like me. An almost uncountable amount of cute coffee shops and restaurants.

Washington dc, us

Next to New York City there is Washington D.C. in the second place of my favorite american cities. The capital of the U.S. My cousin has lived there for years and one day I'll finally come to visit. Seeing the white house and the lincoln memorial.

groningen, netherlands

Van harte welkom! Just look at this beautiful picture. I love such romantic and somehow mysterious places like this so so much. In the middle of the nature. Think I could stay there for days. Because I speak a little dutch I must see this city one day. Everybody thinks of Amsterdam when thinking about the Netherlands. You see: There are indeed other pretty places!

schwangau, Germany

Ooooh princess power! Last but not least there are also hotspots in good old germany! Actually it is not all about veal sausage and sauerkraut in bavaria. Even if you're living in that country like me. I'm seriously taken with this place. And it's not only the more than beautiful castle. It's the amazing landscape as well. Sinking deep into the nature.

Maybe I inspired your very own traveling bucket list a little. See ya beauties!